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19 Of The Cringiest Facebook Posts In The History Of Cringe

Prepare to feel super uncomfortable.

1. When this guy took some bad tech advice.

2. This post by a guy struggling with the concept of anonymity.

3. This person who found some "bullets".

4. This photo and accompanying caption a mother uploaded of her son.

5. When people fell for an Onion article.

6. This super smooth operator putting out a call for a gf.

7. The time someone's love of Minions went way OTT.

8. When someone had a massive misunderstanding.

9. And this person made an even bigger mistake.

10. When a right-handed musician uploaded a photo of herself holding a guitar. Upside down.

11. When Rick tried to school Jennifer on her taste in music.

12. When Brianna shared this article with Nick.

13. This person who was definitely not annoyed at being excluded from a Halloween party.

14. This guy who took his love of Jesus to a whole new level.

15. When Dean just would not take a hint.

16. When Brad unknowingly had "excessive masturbation" listed as a hobby on his CV.

17. The time someone doubted Spain's patriotism.

18. When this user posted a search as a status.

19. And when someone discovered a thesaurus and went into overdrive.