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    12 Things TV Gets Wrong About Real-Life Britain

    Less Pimm’s at a party, more pints in a backyard.

    1. On TV, British men always appear handsome and charming.


    In reality, most British men are a little less classy.

    2. On TV, the British countryside is displayed as a place of pure, undisturbed beauty.

    In reality it can be a little shit.

    3. On British TV, villages are essentially the crime hub of Britain.


    In reality they're a little less exciting.

    4. On TV, British summers are presented as a time to enjoy Pimm's during a garden party.


    In reality you're lucky to get enough sun for a quick pint in your own backyard.

    5. On British TV, everyone joins together as a community and enjoys a pint in their local pub.


    In reality British people are just as likely to drink anywhere.

    6. On TV, people working in law enforcement are always super smart.


    In reality they can sometimes have off days.

    7. On TV, everyone in Britain is smartly dressed.


    In reality things aren't quite as glamorous.

    8. On TV, everyone in Britain enjoys a nice Sunday roast every week.


    In reality a lot of people just can't be arsed to cook on a weekend.

    9. On TV, every British person appears witty.


    In reality we're not all geniuses.

    10. On TV, Britain is often portrayed as a land of romance.

    Sony Pictures Television

    In reality public displays of love are a little less PG.

    11. On TV, everyone who lives in a British city lives in a nice flat.


    In reality most people living in the city are lucky to afford anything.

    12. On TV, British criminals are always menacing.


    In reality British criminals do things like this:

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