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    Posted on Nov 4, 2015

    22 Of The Greatest Things To Ever Happen On Snapchat

    The pinnacle of human achievement.

    1. When a user dealt with a bee in their car.

    2. When someone discovered the reject pile.

    3. When this dog thought he had to queue for his treat.

    4. When friends were made and lost.

    5. When this dad got Snapchat and immediately set the ball rolling with a dad joke.

    6. When a user got drunk and purchased a scorpion.

    7. When the day started off full of promise.

    8. When questions were asked.

    9. When someone tried bringing Shreksy back.

    10. When this pun was made.

    11. When a user trolled her poor dog.

    12. When bae was kept safe.

    13. When this guy had the best response to being added by his mother.

    14. When art history was made funny.

    15. When a new Disney fairy tale was created.

    16. When a Star Wars fan decided to spice up a lecture.

    17. When someone got caught in a tight spot.

    18. When a dog broke the laws of gravity.

    19. When things got all philosophical.

    20. When cat art was taken to a whole new level.

    21. When a user was full of self-confidence.

    22. And when a dog had a business proposition.

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