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21 Brilliantly British Halloween Costumes

Alcoholic beverages, TV presenters from the '90s, and wax-encased cheese. Welcome to Halloween in Britain.

1. The Chuckle Brothers

2. A Babybel

And this is how you do Halloween, ladies and gentlemen. RT @troytprez: I'm a @Babybel

3. A tea bag

4. "The Lidl Mermaid"

5. "Lidl Wain"

6. Jeremy Clarkson

Best costume...... in the world @JeremyClarkson #Halloween

7. Alan Partridge dressed as a zombie

@jakegoodman Alan Partridge zombie #Halloween

8. The Sugar Puffs Monster

9. A Nando's Chicken

I'll be the nandos rooster for Halloween

10. MD 20/20

11. Shaun of the Dead

12. A Buckfast monk

Dream job working for the buckfast monks. Happy Halloween

13. Richard O'Brien from The Crystal Maze

Thank you @NestPeckham for lending me this wonderful coat. Start the fans..NOW #crystalmaze #richardobrien #halloween

14. Phil Mitchell

“Of course my Phil Mitchell on crack won best #Halloween costume at the office #EastEnders ”@JordanTWSmith


What a dude! ~> Check out @Kennyg66's Halloween costume #DoctorWho #Tardis

16. A Dalek

EXTERMINATE! My Halloween costume this year #drwho #dalek #HalloweenCostumes

17. The royal family

Meet the Royal family!! : ) #workplace #halloween

18. Ed Miliband

19. He Who Must Not Be Named

Kyle wins. “@kyletwebster: Last night! RT @ben_towle: Check out @kyletwebster 's killer Voldemort makeup. #halloween ”

20. Will from The Inbetweeners

I'm not sure I can ever repeat the quality of last year's Halloween outfit... #WillMcKenzie #Inbetweeners #Banter

21. Teletubbies

Starting the Halloween celebrations bright and early w my teletubbies! 😂😂😂 @SoullessGing4 @racheylou17 @gboeremax0

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