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16 Before-And-After Home Makeover Photos That Will Make You Say "Wow"

The glow-up is real.

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14. This standard kitchen that was given an injection of glam.

"Our kitchen was a complete disaster: ugly green paint and laminate countertops that the owners had painted white and were starting to peel. After 10 weeks we have an upgraded kitchen with quartz countertops, laminate flooring, a lot more counter, and cabinet space with matching appliances."

Submitted by jasons4b4590e98

16. And finally, this kitchen that barely even resembles what it used to look like.

"My parents and I spent a lot of time on this kitchen when I bought my house three years ago. My mom and I spent days sanding down sand-textured paint off the wall only to find two layers of wallpaper under that. My dad and I refinished the cabinets and installed the farmhouse sink. I absolutely love it."

Submitted by kayla869

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