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May 5, 2017

This British Food Quiz Will Determine If You're More Northern Or Southern

Time to find out for sure.

  1. When does a roast dinner taste best?

    Flickr: simon
  2. Choose something from the bakery

  3. What do you call these?

    Flickr: lonbinder
  4. Where do you do your weekly shop?

  5. Do you consider Viennetta to be fancy?

    Flickr: 127602960@N08
  6. Choose something from the chippy

  7. Which of these is the correct meal order?

    Flickr: oz_lang
  8. What's the best part of a fry-up?

  9. Do you dunk your biscuits?

    Flickr: benterrett
  10. Choose a restaurant chain

  11. Is it really someone’s birthday if there’s no caterpillar cake?

    Flickr: jlhopgood
  12. Choose a British dessert