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    We've All Been Saying "You've Got Another Thing Coming" Wrong And Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

    How did we not know this???

    Hello and welcome to another edition of Everything You Think You Know About The Word Is A Lie. / Emojipedia / BuzzFeed

    Today we're going to be focusing on phrases.

    If you're anything like me, you've probably gone your whole life ignorantly repeating the phrase "You've got another thing coming."

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    Well, guess what? Turns out we've been wrong this entire time.

    My copyeditor has corrected 'you've another thing coming' to 'you've another think coming' and I just googled it and she's right and now everything I've ever known is a lie


    Thanks to writer Tammy Cohen, the truth has been spread to the masses, and the people are shook.

    Some people are putting the blame on Judas Priest because of their song "You've Got Another Thing Comin'".

    Columbia Records / Twitter: @Raphaelite_Girl / BuzzFeed

    While others, myself included, just want to forget this newly learned knowledge.

    The good news is that “another thing coming” is now the more common wording of the phrase, and while not the original, has gained widespread acceptance.

    20th Television / BuzzFeed

    I still need to sit down and re-evaluate everything I thought I knew.

    1. Which version of the phrase have you been using?

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    Which version of the phrase have you been using?
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      You've got another THINK coming
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      You've got another THING coming