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    Updated on Sep 11, 2018. Posted on Sep 9, 2018

    16 Designers Who Probably Should Have Double Checked The Font

    You get the design you pay for.

    Warning: Despite the designer's best intentions, some of these are a little NSFW. Proceed with caution.

    1. This birthday cake reveals an entirely different message when looked at from behind.

    randyfloyd37 / Via

    2. The designer of this gym sign probably should have made the man in the logo look more like an "i".

    Dingwallace / Via

    3. Life lesson: It's really hard to make people look like letters of the alphabet.

    4. This is why it's important that all of your fonts are clearly visible.

    skankyfish / Via

    5. "You had meat hello".

    Unmecaupif / Via

    6. If this is intentional, I have nothing but respect for the honesty in this team name.

    7. Wait, double what???

    Voodou / Via

    8. Fridays in this office seem a little unpleasant.

    9. Apparently this is supposed to read "trapping a fairy". Yeah…

    ladyfriday / Via

    10. This toy is anything but child friendly.

    jonahlew / Via

    11. And whoever chose the title font on this homework clearly hates children.

    Notblue1 / Via

    12. Curt. His name is Curt.

    13. Some logos should never be written in cursive, otherwise you can end up with something like this.

    14. Anyone fancy doing some fine fart?

    Cocaine_Kitty / Via

    15. You can keep your $5.

    16. And finally

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