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    14 Ways To Get Around London Without The Tube

    If you're struggling to travel through London because of the ongoing tube strike, here's some alternative methods of traversing the city.

    1. Taking the bus.

    Flickr: pauliewoll / Creative Commons
    Flickr: nicohogg / Creative Commons
    Flickr: pauliewoll / Creative Commons

    Why not use the tube strike as an opportunity to travel via London's second most popular form of transportation? There's a reason why so many people commute each day on the iconic red buses!

    2. Hitching a ride behind a car on a skateboard.

    Universal Studios
    Flickr: rhinoneal / Creative Commons
    Flickr: mattbuck007 Creative Commons

    It worked for Marty, so sure, why not?

    3. Cycling.

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images
    Flickr: leshaines123 / Creative commons
    Flickr: nanagyei / Creative Commons

    Dig out your bike from the garden shed, dust it down, put on your helmet, and get cycling! Not only is cycling a fun way to navigate the busy streets while avoiding the hassle of other commuters, but it also saves you money. Not to mention that the added exercise is a great way to stay in shape without forking out for an expensive gym membership.

    4. Praying to Hermes, the Greek god of travel.

    Flickr: trois-tetes Creative Commons
    Flickr: xiaozhuli Creative Commons
    Flickr: thoughtquotient Creative Commons

    The ancient Greeks are well known for their contribution to knowledge and the arts, but their religious culture was pretty impressive too. Get down on your knees, throw your hands in the air, and pray for the mighty Hermes to end the strike.

    5. Walking.

    Flickr: chrisjl Creative Commons
    Flickr: ugardener Creative Commons
    Flickr: chrisjl Creative Commons

    The oldest way of getting from place to another: walking. Although distance may be an impossible barrier to overcome, it might be worth checking on a map just to see if that really is the case – you could be surprised by what's within walking distance.

    6. Quantum teleportation.

    Flickr: orsorama / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 25364231@N06 Creative Commons
    Flickr: breatheoutnow Creative Commons

    Who hasn't thought about shrinking themselves down to molecular level and travelling in style? Although not currently possible according to scientific law, it might just be worth a shot – think of all the extra hours you could spend in bed!

    7. Using the Uber app.

    Oli Scarff / Getty Images
    Flickr: renaissancechambara Creative Commons
    Flickr: 36593372@N04 Creative Commons

    There's an app for everything, and in this case that app is Uber. It may cost a little extra than what you would normally pay for transport around the city, but it's quick, convenient, and, most importantly, gets you where you need to be.

    8. Inventing a fully functional time machine.

    Flickr: torley Creative Commons
    Flickr: stockerre Creative Commons

    Time to break out the chalk and start writing complex formulas on your trusty blackboard! All the effort and hard work will have been worth it when you're travelling into the future, waving as you pass your jealous friends, and end up watching them and everyone you know grow old and die while you continue travelling forward, ageless, lonely, and detached from time.

    9. Driving.

    Flickr: janerc Creative Commons
    Flickr: leehaywood Creative Commons
    Flickr: wolfheadfilms Creative Commons

    While it may seem obvious, another option for getting around the city is by car, and with plenty of car-sharing services available you don't even need to own a vehicle. Check out what's available in your area.

    10. Sacrificing a goat to TFL.

    Flickr: astrocbt / Creative Commons
    Flickr: mrdamcgowan Creative Commons
    Flickr: 21728045@N08 Creative Commons

    If you're looking for an alternative way to beat the strike, then it doesn't get much more alternative than this. Although there's no proof that the blood-letting of mammals appeases TFL executives, some people swear by this ancient Peruvian method.

    11. Travelling by boat.

    Flickr: defenceimages Creative Commons
    Flickr: duncanh1 Creative Commons
    Flickr: slrjester Creative Commons

    Feel like a celebrity as you coast down the Thames in style. Tours operate daily along the South Bank and at a great price if you're able to find a voucher – so be sure to check what deals are on before booking.

    12. Screaming into the void.

    Flickr: viggum Creative Commons
    Flickr: casanovapacifista Creative Commons
    Flickr: casanovapacifista Creative Commons

    Experience the encompassing feeling of loneliness, sorrow, and extreme dread as you bare your soul to the uncaring, unflinching coldness of the universe. Bring a coat.

    13. Buying a scooter.

    Ingram Publishing / Getty Images
    Doug Menuez / Getty Images
    Flickr: aline-et-fred Creative Commons

    Once considered a child's plaything, the scooter is now an acceptable mode of transportation for all ages. 2015 is definitely the year of the scooter. Don't forget your helmet!

    14. Summoning the dark lord Cthulhu.

    Flickr: torley Creative Commons
    Flickr: boogeyman13 Creative Commons
    Flickr: boogeyman13 Creative Commons

    Death, destruction, and eternal cosmic horror await all upon the awakening of the Sleeper of R'lyeh from millennia of slumber. All hail the Great Dreamer. All hail Cthulhu.

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