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    Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    27 Pictures You’ll Only Truly Understand If You’re British

    Why is it so hard to get food served on plates these days?

    1. The shock of this price tag:

    2. Having your kitchen, office, and every aspect of your life overrun with these:

    3. The unparalleled sadness of this sight:

    Flickr: fsse-info / Creative Commons

    4. The increasing impossibility of getting your food served on a plate.

    Ask for a plate - together we can get slates back on roofs where they belong. Excellent work, @archidave.

    5. This photo of an empty drink bottle that rolls around every single bus floor in Britain.

    6. The vital importance of public information leaflets like this:

    7. This photo of a dog on school field, which no doubt had everyone losing their damn minds.

    8. This GIF that accurately portrays the scene after a football got stuck under a car.

    Capcom / Via

    9. These reactions to Tracy Beaker dissing Pam:

    10. The frustration of this occurrence:

    11. Or even worse:

    12. Wearing a shit ton of layers during autumn, because the weather could be anywhere from peak summer to peak winter.

    Warner Bros. Television

    13. This shocking image of a teabag that's been dumped in the sink – there's a bin right next to it.

    14. Shaun of the Dead being on ITV2 for the 2,627th time.

    15. This school meal classic that was killed off by the villainous Jamie Oliver.

    Still hate Jamie Oliver for taking Turkey twizzlers from my school dinners menu 😩😩

    16. Unfunny chalkboards. Unfunny chalkboards everywhere.

    17. This life-saving button that can help you avoid the dreaded "unexpected item in the bagging area" message.

    18. The ultimate achievement of opening a Müller Corner without the yoghurt skin breaking.

    I think that leaving the skin on a Muller Corner is the most incredible feat.

    19. This national symbol of infinity:

    20. The remains of a Celebrations tub:

    21. And the leftovers in this tub of Quality Street:

    22. This photo of a typical summer barbecue:

    23. Opening a Weetabix and getting buried up to your shoulders in crumbs.

    24. Never knowing whether to search for UK, Great Britain, or just Britain on drop-down box menus.

    Amazon / BuzzFeed

    25. The impossibility of leaving the house without coming across some play on the "keep calm and carry on" slogan.

    26. Finding a euro among your change and mistaking it for a £2 coin, 17 weeks after returning from holiday.

    27. And this heated debate:

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