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27 Pictures You’ll Only Truly Understand If You’re British

Why is it so hard to get food served on plates these days?

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4. The increasing impossibility of getting your food served on a plate.

Ask for a plate - together we can get slates back on roofs where they belong. Excellent work, @archidave.

9. These reactions to Tracy Beaker dissing Pam:

10. The frustration of this occurrence:

15. This school meal classic that was killed off by the villainous Jamie Oliver.

Still hate Jamie Oliver for taking Turkey twizzlers from my school dinners menu 😩😩

16. Unfunny chalkboards. Unfunny chalkboards everywhere.

18. The ultimate achievement of opening a Müller Corner without the yoghurt skin breaking.

I think that leaving the skin on a Muller Corner is the most incredible feat.

21. And the leftovers in this tub of Quality Street:

23. Opening a Weetabix and getting buried up to your shoulders in crumbs.

27. And this heated debate:

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