A Dad Captured The Struggle Of A Child's Bedtime With A Fake Horror Movie Poster

    The perfect response to a parenting nightmare.

    A father turned a photo of his 2-year-old son asleep on the stairs into a fake movie poster, perfectly capturing a feeling many parents can relate to:

    John Galbincea (who changed the family's name for the poster), told BuzzFeed News that the trouble started when his son, Andrew, learned how to escape from his room:

    "We had recently moved him from his crib to a toddler bed and he quickly learned how to open doors, so after bedtime he could escape his room and wander the upstairs."

    It was then that Galbincea and his wife, Amanda, spotted their son face down on the stairs.

    "The night the picture took place, he kept coming out of his room and we'd hear him and take him back to bed," Galbincea said. "This happened four or five times until we didn't hear anything any more and assumed he was asleep. An hour or so later my wife and I head to bed and find him like this on the stairs, about halfway down. We immediately turned around and walked away to laugh hysterically."

    Originally, the photo was only meant to be shared with friends and family – until a family friend got hold of the image.

    "Once we composed ourselves, we knew pictures had to be taken and shared with friends and family," Galbincea said. "Our very talented friend Eric immediately had the inspiration for the movie poster and made it in about two days for us."

    And if Andrew doesn't remember his bedtime disobedience in years to come, his dad is making sure he won't forget:

    "We're in the process of having a full-sized poster printed to hang in his room."