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17 Things Anyone Who Owned A PS1 Will Remember

8MB memory was just never enough.

1. The welcoming sound that accompanied the intro screen.


2. Running out of space on your memory card and having to choose which save file to sacrifice.

Sony / Via

3. Or going to the extreme by leaving the Playstation on overnight until you completed the game.

Remember having a PlayStation but no memory card and leaving the game on all night til u beat it?

4. Learning how to drive on games like Grand Theft Auto, Driver, and even Crash Team Racing.

Sony Computer Entertainment

If nothing else, Crash Bandicoot taught us to avoid all crates marked TNT and Nitro – a valuable lesson most driving instructors fail to mention.

5. The excitement of getting a multitap before finding out that most games you owned were only 1-2 player compatible.

6. A friend having the nerve to come to your house and select your character.


7. Feeling no guilt as your friend was forced to play on the crappy spare controller you had reserved for player two.

Why would anyone waste money buying an official controller when you could get a really uncomfortable and badly designed one for a quarter of the price?

8. Having that one friend who got a Dreamcast and insisted it was better than a Playstation.


If you're one of the few people who remember that being the Dreamcast start up screen, congratulations – I guess years of playing on an inferior console has finally paid off.

9. Storing all of your games in the official CD case that came with your console.

10. Because it's a scientific fact that Playstation CD cases are the least crack-resistant objects known to exist.

11. Fixing your Playstation by turning it upside down when it stopped working.

12. Getting the dreaded message that there was an error with your memory card and resorting to the old-fashioned blowing fix.

13. Or failing that, giving it a little jiggle.

#PlaystationMemory giving the memory card a wobble so it would hopefully be able to find my save game data

The struggle was real.

14. Playing the living hell out of all the games on the demo that came with the console.

15. But mostly Point Blank, without a gun attachment controller.

Namco / Via Twitter: @Batebox33

16. The controller getting awkwardly tangled to the point where you were forced to sit inches away from the console.

I love it when the PlayStation controller wires get all tangled together and it takes about 1000 years to untangle them😄😓

17. And finally, feeling like a complete badass in front of your friends when sharing a new cheat code you found in the back of a Playstation magazine.

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