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    Here's What £700 A Month In Rent Can Get You In European Cities In 2017

    Brb, moving to Reykjavik.

    1. London, UK – £690

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: Islington

    • The rent includes council tax, Wi-Fi, and water.

    • The kitchen is literally just two hobs and a sink, so not the best for any wannabe chefs.

    2. Paris, France – £590

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: Gros-Caillou

    • You're only a short walk away from the Eiffel Tower.

    • The exposed brick wall adds a little touch of class.

    3. Copenhagen, Denmark – £520

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: City centre

    • Everything from gas to electricity is included in the rent.

    • It's right in the heart of Copenhagen.

    4. Lisbon, Portugal – £690

    Bedrooms: Two

    Location: Graça

    • There are two bathrooms, so one for each room.

    • If you really like wood, then this is the apartment for you.

    5. Amsterdam, Netherlands – £700

    Bedrooms: Two

    Location: Amsterdam-Zuidoost

    • This is an actual house.

    • There's also a mini garden, which tbh could do with a little work.

    6. Rome, Italy – £700

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Municipio III

    • The kitchen rug really helps tie the room together.

    • That's one super-impressive book tower.

    7. Dublin, Ireland – £720

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: Phibsborough

    • The interior design nicely compliments the exterior of the property.

    • In the words of Shakespeare: "And though she be but little, she is fierce."

    8. Vienna, Austria – £670

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Favoriten

    • It comes fully furnished, and honestly, those are some pretty nice-looking furnishings.

    • The living room rug looks like a football pitch for babies.

    9. Prague, Czech Republic – £690

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: Praha 5

    • You get views of the Vltava river.

    • The bathroom looks like it belongs on a spaceship.

    10. Brussels, Belgium – £690

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Etterbeek

    • There's fancy wooden flooring throughout the property.

    • The bathroom contains an actual bath – something that's becoming increasingly rare.

    11. Helsinki, Finland – £670

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: Alppila

    • The apartment comes unfurnished but that just makes it easier for you transform it into a place of your own.

    • The balcony looks more like a conservatory.

    12. Madrid, Spain – £690

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Argüelles

    • Not only is this place is a hipster's dream, there's also a dishwasher.

    • The bicycle is not included.

    13. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg – £640

    Bedrooms: Studio

    Location: Limpertsberg

    • The real selling point of this place is the private garden.

    • The kitchen is in a separate area from the bedroom/living room, so it feels a little less studio-y.

    14. Reykjavik, Iceland – £620

    Bedrooms: Two

    Location: The Old Harbour

    • The view over the harbour is something to die for.

    • You're only a two-minute walk from the city centre.

    15. Berlin, Germany – £680

    Bedrooms: One

    Location: Dänenstraße

    • There's a shared garden where you can get to know the building's other tenants.

    • The bathroom is a dream come true for lovers of symmetrical square.

    16. Riga, Latvia – £680

    Bedrooms: Three

    Location: Vecrīga

    • The place comes with three generously sized bedrooms.

    • Oh wow, a genuine spiral staircase.

    All currency conversions were correct at the time of publishing and have been rounded to the nearest 10.

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