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24 Times Twitter Was Savage As Fuck

The internet is vicious.

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2. When this advert was called out.

These have got to be the two dumbest people alive

4. When someone took out their frustrations on a bad parker.

I've carried chalk in my car for 10 months JUST so i could do this once. Yesterday was the day


6. When Eli summed up Sean Spicer's aesthetic.

sean spicer looks like the guy in the group of survivors that hides the fact he was bitten by a zombie

7. And Mike Pence's.

Why does Mike Pence always look like he's about to introduce legislation to outlaw the X-Men


9. When even a stuffed bear wasn't safe.

11. This observation.

it's a great time to be a complete fuckin idiot in america

12. When Trump received a traditional Scottish welcome during his visit to Scotland.


16. When someone questioned a newspaper headline.


17. When this user rebelled.

18. When a choir was mocked.

🎼 can i speak to your managerrr🎤🎼

19. When millennial clapped back.

i hate when old people say that tattoos are a waste of money like okay Debra you have a cabinet full of expensive plates no one can use


21. When Kate took to cross-stitch.

Kanye can delete his tweets but a cross stitch lives forever

22. When a user went all in on vegans.

24. When this guy's name, career, and looks were explained.

When you get stranded on Earth without your photon weapons so you just have to come up with a job & survive