24 WTF Pictures You're Probably Going To Need To Take A Second Look At

    Broccoli trees!

    1. Believe it or not, this person isn't actually half-man, half-pig.

    2. And this street isn't lined with giant stalks of broccoli.

    3. This isn't some kind of secret portal into another world.

    4. You might scream "Oh no, we're being invaded by giant insects!" upon seeing this photo.

    5. Look at this beautiful photograph of Jupiter's surfa… nope, fooled again.

    6. How did a giant ceiling light make itself at home in the night sky?

    7. This cyclist isn't hanging on for his life.

    8. Check out this unfinished building.

    9. You see these bar stools all neatly lined up?

    10. And see this UFO?

    11. OK, so this image is just a total mindfuck.

    12. You'd be forgiven for thinking this floor was incredibly uneven.

    13. This barman is (probably) not wearing a skirt.

    14. And this staircase does not have a circle-patterned screen at its entrance.

    15. No, this police car hasn't mysteriously sunk into the ground.

    16. This student doesn't have an unnaturally small head.

    17. Men with sausage heads sadly don't exist.

    18. This man is not actually levitating.

    19. And finally, enjoy this greeting from a two-headed dog.