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17 People Who Regret Making An Order In 2016

Always check the size.

1. This guy who just wanted to furnish his regular-sized room.

2. This daughter who wanted to surprise her mother.

3. This man who misheard the question.

4. This guy who never even ordered anything to begin with.

5. Suzanne, who just wanted some nice flowers.

6. And this online shopper whose reality did not meet expectations.

7. This girl who got served one hell of a chicken.

8. This guy whose lamp was a little smaller than expected.

9. This person whose phone case got messed up during printing.

10. And the shopper whose doormat came like this.

11. The person who just wanted a ruler and not a box full of empty air.

12. George, who wanted some 32" length jeans.

13. And Katie's mother, who bought her this shirt.

14. This daughter who received the wrong phone case so gifted it to her dad.

15. Luke, who wanted some pizza.

16. This person who wanted coffee with Baileys but received coffee with bay leaves.

17. And finally this person, who literally didn't get anything at all.

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