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14 People Who Wish They Never Asked The Internet For Help

Reminder: The internet is not your friend.

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1. This man who asked the internet to photoshop the sun between his fingers.

And got this:

2. This guy who needed help with a medical emergency.

And ended up with a new nickname:

3. This woman who emailed a friend asking for help with designing a poster for her missing cat.

And got these over-enthusiastic replies:

4. When this person asked a genuine question.

And got this response:

5. When someone posted this image on 4chan, asking for help in getting the man in the photo touching the top of the Eiffel Tower.

And got back these images:

6. When this Yahoo Answers user asked the definition of a word.

And was left waiting:

7. When this photographer asked the internet for help with removing a guy on a scooter from a beachfront scene.

And got back these:

8. This skateboarder who wanted help in appearing more skilled.

And ended up looking a little too talented:

9. This Yahoo Answers user who wanted some advice on pest control.

And received an unorthodox education on insects:

10. This guy who just wanted help fixing redeye.

And ended up in space:

11. This kind Facebook user who was just trying to help.

And fell into a recursive hell:

12. This guy who turned to the internet for help with his fear of rejection.

and got rejected:

13. This guy who just wanted a perfect photo with his girlfriend.

And ended up with these:

14. This man who dared ask the internet for dieting advice.

And was answered with this