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18 Stories That Confirm Periods Are Awesome AF

So. Many. Cool. Dads.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us positive stories about their period. Here are the results.

1. The Flowing Savior

"I went over to an ex-boyfriend’s place to 'watch movies.' Halfway through the movie, I got up to pee and saw the crimson wave had crashed so I made a hasty exit. About a month later, I learned his girlfriend (who I did not know existed) was four months pregnant with his kid! Saved by the Red Baron."


2. Husband Material

"I found out the guy I was talking to wasn't a fuckboy when he didn't make a big deal about me being on my period. He even brought me food and tampons!"



3. The Sport Deterrent

"I got out of freshman year gym for a whole week in June with my excuse of cramps. While I did have cramps, I also didn't want to play badminton."


4. Sisterhood of the Synced Cycle

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"I have a group of three friends from high school, but we all live in different places now. Recently, in our group chat, someone sent a period meme and I said, 'me right now.' Everyone chimed in that they were also on their periods, and we excitedly freaked out for a moment. It made my heart so happy that we were all synced. It was just a cool, sweet moment!"


5. The Marine Hunter

"One time, my dad went to the store to get me tampons. He texted me what 'harpoons' I wanted. From then on out, he has awkwardly called tampons 'harpoons.'"

6. The Female Connection

"Three years ago, I volunteered in India with a healthcare organization that provides medical care and sex education to women who live in isolated areas. Even though I couldn’t verbally communicate with most of the women, I felt bonded with them simply because we shared our womanhood. Menstruation and other women’s health issues can be taboo subjects, but because I’m a woman and get periods too, I was able to experience a deep connection with them despite both language and cultural barriers. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life."



7. The Dinosaur Tragedy

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"Once, when I had PMS, I was watching TV with my husband and started crying uncontrollably because all of the dinosaurs had died off. We still joke about it. It's safe to say that, despite the misery, my period is a great curator of jokes."


8. The Dream Team

"I was in California for a family vacation when my period came early. My dad and uncle felt so sad for me, so they took me to the store and bought me pads, tampons, and ice cream. The cashier realized why we were there and gave us the ice cream for free!"


9. The Road To Recovery

"I was diagnosed recently with anorexia; I'd skipped my period for almost a full year because of the physical and psychological stress under which I was putting my body. I was getting terrified that I'd never be able to have kids, and my family was scared I was going to waste away. The week I finally got it back was one of the happiest weeks of my life: my period means I'm healthy (or, at least, healthier and recovering), and it means that I may be able to have kids one day!"


10. Divine Intervention

"I was 13, and I was at church. I HATED my entire youth group, because they were stuck-up hypocrites who couldn’t stand anyone who was different. I really didn’t want to be there, but my grandmother insisted that I go. Then, I got my FIRST period and had to call her to pick me up. Sweet victory."



11. The Clumsy, Goodhearted Friend

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"One of my friends was really sympathetic when I had bad cramps and no Advil. He tried to hug me when I was carrying a cup of iced tea and it got all over me. I was sticky for hours, but it was really funny and his sympathy distracted me from the pain."


12. The Concerned Dad

"The memory of being 13 and my dad standing awkwardly outside the bathroom door yelling, 'Do you need any feminine napkins in there?' It still makes me laugh."


13. Slumber Party Excursion

"I was at a sleepover with some friends and thought I'd have to leave because my period sprung up unexpectedly and I couldn't find any tampons. When I said I'd be leaving the host demanded to know why. Suddenly, it was me and eight other girls on a scavenger hunt for a tampon. We piled on top of one another in her mom's minivan to the nearest store. We honestly had an adventure."


14. The Lost Photographer

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"My period led me to realize how boss my dad is. One day, I was on my period and in hella pain and needed pads. My dad went to CVS by himself, having no idea what kind of pads to get, so he took pictures of them to send to me. He was just wandering the aisle, taking photos. He didn't care how long he was in there, he just wanted to get this right for me and that is something amazing."



15. Uncle of the Year

"I was 17 years old having surgery an hour from home. I got my period and I called my nearest family, my Aunt Mary. She calmed me down and said not to worry and asked me what tampon brand I wanted. I wait, trying not to bleed through the horrid old-timey feminine napkin the nurses gave... but who comes to my rescue? My uncle Cal, father of four boys, who had never been shopping in the period aisle in his life with EXACTLY my brand. My hero!"


16. The Matchmaker

"My period let me know that my boyfriend was 'the one.' While he was at work, I was napping on his bed and had a little accident on his sheets. I dragged them to the bathroom and started scrubbing so furiously that I didn't realize he was already home. I start apologizing like crazy. He laughed and said, 'Oh is that all? I thought you were hurt or something. No big deal, these things happen.' We've been married for two years now."


17. Oh, Could It Be I Got My Wish?

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"I was at work when the excruciating cramps began. My manager saw and sent me to the back to relax. This resulted in me watching The Nightmare Before Christmas in the fetal position while on the clock. My period got me paid!"


18. And this...

"Once, I was on my period and ate one of those Burger King Halloween Whoppers that turns your poop green. My toilet looked like Christmas!"


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