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    Here's What The Cast Of "Ever After" Looks Like 20 Years Later

    The only Cinderella that matters...

    Drew Barrymore (Danielle)

    20th Century Fox / Via, Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    Then: By the time Ever After hit theaters, Barrymore was already nearly 20 years into her career. 1998 was a big year for Drew, who also led The Wedding Singer and Home Fries. Within the next couple years, she'd go on to star in Never Been Kissed and Charlie's Angels.

    Now: Drew is currently starring in Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet. Next year, she'll be leading the film The Stand-In and she's currently got many TV projects as a producer in the works, including The Black Rose Anthology.

    Dougray Scott (Prince Henry)

    20th Century Fox / Via, Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

    Then: In 1998, Scott could also be seen in Deep Impact. He was featured in many more projects, but his next big role was two years later when he co-starred as the antagonist in Mission: Impossible II.

    Now: He was last seen on the small screen earlier this year in the mini-series The Woman in White as Sir Percival Glyde. He'll also be in the upcoming drama, Sulphur and White.

    Anjelica Huston (Rodmilla)

    20th Centuyr Fox / Via, Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

    Then: In addition to Ever After, you could catch Huston in Buffalo '66 and Phoenix in 1998. The following year, she played the titular character in Agnes Browne, which earned her an acting nomination at Cannes.

    Now: Anjelica is constantly working, recently voicing one of the dogs in Isle of Dogs and appearing in Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia as Queen Usurna. It was recently announced that she'd be featured in John Wick 3: Parabellum.

    Megan Dodds (Marguerite)

    20th Century Fox / Via, / Via Instagram: @bellesofvenice

    Then: Immediately after Ever After, Megan could be seen in the TV Movie The Rat Pack as May Britt. In 2000, she was featured in Urbania, Bait, and Interstate 84.

    Now: Dodds can be seen in the upcoming rom-com Juliet, Naked, which will be released in August. You can also catch her in Wonderwell, which stars Rita Ora and Carrie Fisher in her last role.

    Melanie Lynskey (Jacqueline)

    20th Century Fox / Via, Jerod Harris / Getty Images

    Then: After Ever After, Lynskey's acting career continued to take off. In 1999, she performed in Foreign Correspondents, Detroit Rock City, The Cherry Orchard, and But I'm a Cheerleader.

    Now: She's currently starring in Castle Rock, which premiered on Hulu on July 25th. She also provides her voice on Future-Worm! and Summer Camp Island.

    Patrick Godfrey (Leonardo)

    20th Century Fox / Via, IMDB / Via

    Then: Godfrey had been working in the business for nearly 40 years by the time he played the iconic artist. Before Ever After, he was seen in 1997's The Gambler and the mini-series A Dance to the Music of Time.

    Now: Patrick is still working hard! He's recently been in multiple short films, including Light of the World (pictured, right). His last feature was 2017's Breathe, which starred Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy

    Judy Parfitt (Queen Marie)

    20th Century Fox / Via, Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    Then: In 1998, Parfitt was also deep into her acting career. She had just been seen in the mini-series, Berkeley Square, and would soon appear in the thriller Falling Through.

    Now: Judy is currently one of the stars of Call the Midwife, where she plays Sister Monica Joan. In 2013, the role earned her a Satellite Award nomination.

    Timothy West (King Francis)

    20th Century Fox / Via, Tristan Fewings / Getty Images

    Then: Another showbiz old-timer, West could be seen in the shows Goodnight Sweetheart and Performance in 1998. In '99, he played Cauchon in The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, but you'll probably remember him as the Judge in 2000's 102 Dalmatians.

    Now: West's next film will be the thriller We the Kings and he is currently working on the upcoming television series, Gentleman Jack, which stars Joe Armstrong.

    Lee Ingleby (Gustave)

    20th Century Fox / Via, Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    Then: A year before Ever After, Ingleby made his first onscreen appearance in the show Soldier Soldier as Kevin Fitzpatrick. He continued to be featured on the small screen, acting in Mystery!: Cadfael and The Bill in 1998.

    Now: From '15-'18, Lee voiced Bob's Dad in the UK version of Bob the Builder. He was last seen in the mini-series Innocent and is currently filming the mini-series Watership Down.

    Richard O'Brien (Pierre le Pieu)

    20th Century Fox / Via, Cork Films / Via

    Then: Famous for playing Riff-Raff in Rocky Horror Picture Show, O'Brien was featured in the iconic Spice World in 1997. In 2000, he co-starred in the Dungeons & Dragons movie.

    Now: O'Brien was last seen in 2017's The Stolen (pictured right). He also went back to his roots and portrayed the Narrator in Rocky Horror Show Live in 2015.

    Toby Jones (Royal Page)

    20th Century Fox / Via, David Livingston / Getty Images

    Then: Jones had many small roles in '98, including parts in Les Misérables and Cousin Bette. In 2002, he caught a big break when he was cast to voice Dobby in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

    Now: Nowadays, Toby Jones is a big deal in any fandom. He's been featured in blockbusters such as The Hunger Games, Captain America, and most recently, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. You can catch him next voicing Owl in Christopher Robin.

    Anna Maguire (Young Danielle)

    20th Century Fox / Via, Claire Pepper / Via

    Then: Ever After was Anna'a second film. That same year, she played Jean's Daughter in Saving Private Ryan.

    Now: In 2017, she was featured in multiple shorts and mini-series. In 2019, you can watch her in The Hummingbird Project, which stars Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgård, and Salma Hayek.

    Jeanne Moreau (Grande Dame)

    20th Century Fox / Via, Anne-christine Poujoulat / AFP / Getty Images

    Then: Moreau had been working in the business for nearly 50 years by the time Ever After was made. The French actress appeared in Amour & confusions and Un amour de sorcière in 1997.

    Now: Sadly, Moreau passed away in 2017 at age 89. She was last seen in 2015's Le talent de mes amis. To this day, she is considered one of France's greatest actresses.

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