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Can You Survive April Fool's Day Without Getting Pranked?

Choose wisely.

  1. Pick a breakfast:

  2. Pick an activity:

  3. Pick a candy:

  4. Pick a chill spot:

  5. Pick a prank show:

  6. Pick a Disney villain:

  7. Pick a stock photo:

  8. Pick a photo of Zac Efron:

  9. Pick a drink:

  10. Pick a turtle:

  11. Pick a John Travolta movie:

  12. Pick a boat:

  13. Pick a lunch:

  14. Pick a backpack:

  15. Pick a Chris:

  16. Pick a bird:

  17. Pick a Lunchable:

  18. Pick a horror movie villain:

  19. Pick a snack:

  20. Pick a Nic Cage movie:

  21. Pick a wine:

  22. Pick another Chris:

  23. Pick a dinner:

  24. Pick an activity:

  25. Pick another John Travolta movie:

  26. Pick a stock photo:

  27. Pick yet another Chris:

  28. Pick a drink:

  29. Pick a frog:

  30. Pick another Nic Cage movie:

  31. Pick a holiday:

  32. Pick a city:

  33. Pick a sci-fi villain:

  34. Pick a Mel:

  35. Pick a color:

  36. Pick a wizard:

  37. Pick a final John Travolta movie:

  38. Pick a whistle:

  39. Pick a final Chris:

  40. Pick a midnight snack:

  41. Pick a sticker:

  42. Pick a final Nic Cage movie:

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