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    Here's Why I Still Love "American Pie" 20 Years Later

    "Just relax, take it slow, and let the good times roll."

    Hello. My name is Jamie and I was ~obsessed~ with American Pie growing up:

    1999 was an insanely amazing year for teen movies, but American Pie is still one of the best:

    There are so many iconic lines:

    Exhibit A:

    Exhibit B:

    Exhibit C:

    The movie basically started the MILF movement:

    And the women actually have personalities:

    Heather makes all the moves and never compromises:

    Michelle is sexually assertive and completely herself at all times:

    Jessica is wise beyond her years:

    It's got some pretty accurate takes on losing virginity:

    Sweet and awkward:

    Unromantic and messy:

    And occasionally unforgettable:

    Let's not forget Stifler:

    The guys aren't rewarded for being assholes:

    That HORRIFIC webcam incident haunted Jim for the rest of his life:

    They actually cared about pleasing the ladies:

    And they (mostly) grew as people:

    Let's not forget about Eugene Levy:

    The soundtrack is so perfectly 1999:

    And, of course, the pie-fucking:

    Bonus if you had the unrated DVD:

    Happy 20 Years, America Pie!