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    Jul 9, 2019

    Here's Why I Still Love "American Pie" 20 Years Later

    "Just relax, take it slow, and let the good times roll."

    Hello. My name is Jamie and I was ~obsessed~ with American Pie growing up:

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    Middle School me fell asleep to this movie (and/or American Pie 2) EVERY DAMN NIGHT. Yes, I know there are a lot of problematic things that aged terribly in this film, but there's also a fair amount that holds up. So, in honor of 13-year-old me, I'd like to pay homage to this ridiculous little comedy on its 20th anniversary (July 9th).

    1999 was an insanely amazing year for teen movies, but American Pie is still one of the best:

    When We Were Young / Via Twitter: @wwwyshow

    AND THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE. (Seriously, thank you, 1999.)

    There are so many iconic lines:

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    It's pretty well-written for a movie that's reeeeeeal sex-focused.

    Exhibit A:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    The champion of band kids everywhere.

    Exhibit B:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    It holds up because she laughs right in his idiot face.

    Exhibit C:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    The quote list goes on and on.

    The movie basically started the MILF movement:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Anyone else freaked out that John Cho just played a teenager's dad zad in Searching?

    And the women actually have personalities:

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    Sure, most of the Nadia scenes didn't age well, but that's a pretty good ratio for a teen sex romp made in 1999.

    Heather makes all the moves and never compromises:

    Unviersal Pictures / Via Unviersal Pictures

    Still shipping them four movies later.

    Michelle is sexually assertive and completely herself at all times:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Seriously, Alyson Hannigan deserves all the awards.

    Jessica is wise beyond her years:

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    Natasha Lyonne has given us SO MUCH.

    It's got some pretty accurate takes on losing virginity:

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    Sweet and awkward:

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    Unromantic and messy:

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    And occasionally unforgettable:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Alright, so this EXACT scenario is (hopefully) not common, but this was one of the biggest cinematic moments of 1999. I had to mention it.

    Let's not forget Stifler:

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    Nothing about this character aged well, but Seann William Scott is a national treasure and deserves to be treated as such.

    The guys aren't rewarded for being assholes:

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    He's gotta EARN it back. (And he does.)

    That HORRIFIC webcam incident haunted Jim for the rest of his life:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    It immediately backfired and followed him for the next three films. It haunted him so much, it might have transferred from one Jason Biggs character to another. (Seriously, people, don't film others without their consent.)

    They actually cared about pleasing the ladies:

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    And they (mostly) grew as people:

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    Let's not forget about Eugene Levy:

    Universal Pictures / Via Universal Pictures

    Even if you think this film aged poorly, there's no denying Jim's Dad is the funniest teen movie parent in history.

    The soundtrack is so perfectly 1999:

    Universal Picures / Via

    Don't forget about that Blink 182 cameo!

    And, of course, the pie-fucking:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Literally iconic.

    Bonus if you had the unrated DVD:

    Universal Pictures / Via

    I was a very normal 13-year-old, I swear.

    Happy 20 Years, America Pie!

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    Thanks for making young me laugh, and teaching me... things.

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