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100 Thoughts I Had While Watching Love At First Sight: Miami

This is for all those that are burned out by the Olympics in Rio. And TBH, isn't that all of us?

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Let's Start!

100. I've been told I should apply for this show.

99. I'm not going to apply...maybe I should though.

98. Lilly and Tom are goals right now.

97. He'd better have a freaking good personality? Like really?

96. This is where everything begins, let's hope they all stay married.

95. Marriage is a big deal.

94. She doesn't think she's ready. ~Shocker.~

93. Those are some pretty sweet vows.

92. I'd like to find me a lady that would still get married in the rain.

91. I need to start dating.

90. Even if it's speed dating, I just need to start

89. Sometimes Sonia just needs to stop hesitating and go for it! She got matched with Nick.

88. Should any of these couples start anything, Dr. Pepper's gonna take them down a couple notches.

87. Yes, Rachel DeAlto, wedding pictures are super important. That's why guests don't get in the way.

86. I really hope Tom and Lilly succeed. They're just that great together.

85. Sonia and Nick are fantastic.

84. I like Heather, Derek is ~okay~. We'll see how the rest of the season goes...

83. Derek needs to take the compliments that Heather's giving.

82. I agree with your statements, Dr. Pepper. I think you might have a lasting match!

81. I don't think I could do this. I don't think I'd have the courage to be able to get married to a perfect stranger.


80. That Versace commercial is super strong. But, what does it mean?

79. IDK, but I have to sample that Versace cologne.

78. Nick's mom is lyfe giving right now.

77. I should be taking notes about this.

76. Everyone should be in it for the right reason!

75. Derek and Heather are growing on me.


74. That question just happened.

73. Good save, Nick. Good save.

72. Not being able to walk away and deal with my ish is another reason I don't think I'd be a great groom.

71. But, should I ever appear on this, I would never ask my bride to consummate the marriage.

70. Now comes the honeymoons!

69. Oh, now comes the drama!

68. Lilly and Tom, Derek and Heather for the win!

67. It's interesting to see that I'm already invested in all three of the couples.

66. Yes, even Nick and Sonia.

65. Trouble in paradise and immediate cut to Nick...hmm.


64. It just felt right? Lilly, you're scaring me.

63. I do have to hand it to the three experts. They do match very well.

62. The wedding night, oh Dr. Pepper.

61. Sex with a stranger should never be okay.

60. Sonia, you shady for not letting Nick carry you over the threshold.

59. Yes, no intrusions. They should build that foundation.

58. Heather doesn't have that initial attraction, but is open. Very nice to hear!

57. Miami is really stunning. They should do California's Central Coast next season.

56. Is that so I can apply?

55. Tom needs to slow down. Good that he saw that.


54. Oh, Derek is great.

53. Heather is too. I hope they last.

52. Sonia is bringing too much drama.

51. Nick and Sonia aren't rushing ~anything~.

50. Sonia isn't interested.

49. Lilly, you and Tom are adorable.

48. Honeymoon suite videos!

47. Are you trying? Oh, man...

46. This has me pondering about marriage.

45. Like, married life is something that we should all want.

44. But I don't want no crazy.

43. Is the goal to lower the divorce rate?

42. I wonder what's going on the Olympics right now...

41. I could change the channel, but I've seen ~too~ much "coverage".

40. NBC needs streaming correspondents.


39. West Coast Living: Everyone I know already knows, and I can always check the BuzzFeed Round Up.

38. As long as Team USA is still beating China, I'm okay.

37. Sexual tension can also be negative.

36. Talking is great!

35. NOBODY consummated the marriage? Maybe all of them will stay married.


34. Dr. Pepper, you are always spot on.

33. There are pros on getting on the show...

32. Being married, getting matched by experts.

31. A fantastic honeymoon.

30. Sure, cameras following me around would be new.

29. Heather, you are the best.

28. Kit Harrington is on a car commercial.

27. Yes, you do know something, Jon Snow.

26. I really need to get off my duff and start finding that spouse.

25. Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, you don't need a passport.

24. Slay, Heather. Teach your man about travelling by plane.


23. Heather is funny!

22. Sonia, you're going to iron his shirt when you haven't ironed anything in your life?

21. No, Sonia. He can take care of himself. That's not metro.

20. Getting ready together with another person would drive me nuts.

19. I need my ~space~ when I get ready.

18. Ladies, please don't demand a certain way of doing things. I'm a grown man.

17. Meeting the in-laws after is a new thing! Yay, adding more family support.

16. A&E is really pushing for lasting marriages.

15. Latin and Italian culture do have a common link. Italians were Romans, and they conquered Spain...

14. Caren is great.

13. Derek and Heather for the win!

12. Heather's mom catching Derek. This is great.

11. I am really wanting Derek and Heather to last.

10. I do not brunch.


09. If I were on the show, I think my bride's mom would give me a thorough reading.

08. There probably would be a lot of clashing.

07. My mom would love it though.

06. Miami is really fantastic.

05. Oh, Rachel DeAlto, you are lyf giving too.

04. Rachel DeAlto is going to give one of the couples a thorough reading.

03. Oh. They get homework. I was never good with homework.

02. Lilly, your marriage is going to take a lot of work. Keep working and pushing with Tom and you'll succeed.

01. I like that they haven't been stressing the physical intimacy. That last few couples that got sexual too quickly didn't last AT ALL.

BONUS: Rachel got you, Sonia.

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