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A Sort-Of Ranking Of Survivor Winners From Worst To Best

Because this is the type of stuff that might still get stolen anyway...just like my post on Christian colleges, but Candace doesn't work here anymore DISCLAIMER: These are just my opinions. Please write all hate comments below. And yes, I know several of these contestants played multiple seasons, I'm only listing the seasons that they've won. Additional disclaimer: I am planning on adding gifs of Nick from David vs. Goliath as well as Wendell from Ghost Island, and there will be edits in this post, so as some tribals, this post may continue to still be live.

jamesstanleyv • One year ago

100 Thoughts I Had While Watching Love At First Sight: Miami

This is for all those that are burned out by the Olympics in Rio. And TBH, isn't that all of us?

jamesstanleyv • 3 years ago

6 Reasons Why Summer Actually Sucks In Southern California

Because by August, those of us that do live here are so over it.

jamesstanleyv • 5 years ago

Developments In Russia Unnerve

Have you guys kept up with the news lately? I'm really pissed off about this.

jamesstanleyv • 5 years ago

10 Things That Make Substitute Teachng Like Traveling Around In The TARDIS

Everyday is a new surprise. Just like the Doctor. Complete with Doctor Who gifs, much thanks to tumblr.

jamesstanleyv • 5 years ago

10 Things That Make Holidays And Holiday Traveling Fun

Since the New Year is coming up, here's what I, J.S. Valdez think is the most entertaining about holiday traveling.

jamesstanleyv • 5 years ago

10 Things That Show You Went To A Christian University

This an updated version of "10 Things That Expose Vanguardians" partly because this could be applied to a majority of Christian universities. As stated before, this a gentle satirical view, and it is only my opinion.

jamesstanleyv • 5 years ago

Valdez's 10 Reasons To Not Care: Catching Fire Ruiners

I'm so fed up with people giving up the ending, and they haven't read the books!

jamesstanleyv • 5 years ago

Why Community Theater Is A Great Asset

7 reasons why community theater is amazing. Even though sometimes you catch someone snoozing.

jamesstanleyv • 5 years ago

Why People Watch The Fourth Hour Of Today, Or don't

There are reasons why the fourth of NBC's Today is spectacular. One of them is because it is such a hot mess.

jamesstanleyv • 6 years ago

You're From Riverside When

A slightly humorous look at this Southern California city and county seat. There is nothing but love for this jewel of the Inland Empire, and the surrounding communities.

jamesstanleyv • 6 years ago

8 Reasons Why Extroverts And Introverts Need Each Other

A look why extroverts and introverts need each other, with images from Parks and Rec and Dance Academy.

jamesstanleyv • 6 years ago