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27 People Posing Proudly With Squash

Squash--they're weirdly shaped and come in many varieties. So do the people that love them.

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4. Chefs

Everything, everything was hidden in the zucchini's squiggly green skin, Evelyne thought. Love, death, God, misery, hope, joy. Life's little secrets and loudest, chest-beating roars.

23. Men Who Have It All, And Know It

I own a feline cat, a .22 caliber rifle, a fine crane shirt, and this handsome assortment of squashes. I want for nothing, and I need no one.

26. Smiling Shirtless Men


This man is a web model who took many shirtless pictures of himself with this same squash. He called the series: "man have a funny fight with a big zucchini squash, snake shaped."

27. Television Characters

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iCarly and friends tell us how Michael grew a giant zucchini.

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