15 Reasons Why Staying In And Watching Netflix Is Better Than Going On Vacation

    You can see the whole world from your couch.

    OMG summer! The time of year when everyone goes on vacation. Sounds great, right?

    WRONG! Going on vacation is a hassle. But staying home and watching Netflix is easy!

    1. Going on a real vacation takes a lot of careful planning.

    Here's how much planning staying in and watching Netflix takes:

    2. Real vacations are super expensive.

    A Netflix vacation is practically free!

    3. Rushing through airports to catch a flight can be super stressful on a real vacation.

    Everything goes according to YOUR schedule on a Netflix vacation.

    4. On a real vacation, you need to worry about packing and then hope like hell that you didn't forget anything.

    But on a Netflix vacation, the only things you need are a wifi network and a (friend's) password.

    5. Tensions rise when you're forced to stay in close proximity with your family on a real vacation.

    But your TV family is much funnier, and whenever they have an argument they tend to make up within 22 minutes.

    6. Your friends on a real vacation will give you a hard time if you don't feel like going to the beach (again.)

    But your TV friends will support you no matter what you do!

    7. You're basically limited to one place when you go on vacation, which can get old after a while.

    But with Netflix you can go anywhere!

    8. On a real vacation you have to deal with the worst kind of people: other tourists.

    Nobody is going to bother you if you're alone on a Netflix vacation.

    9. On a real vacation you need to stay at hotels that are often expensive or uncomfortable.

    On a Netflix vacation you can just fall asleep in front of television's warming glow at any time.

    10. Having terrible weather when you're on vacation is the worst.

    But weather doesn't matter when you're inside marathoning a TV show.

    11. Sometimes you'll encounter a confusing language barrier on a real vacation.

    Not on Netflix!

    12. People may try to steal from you if you go on an actual vacation.

    The only crime you need to worry about on Netflix is deciding whether or not it's criminal to spend the whole day watching Netflix!

    13. When you go on a real vacation you can be limited to one style of cuisine, and too bad if you don't like it.

    But on a Netflix vacation you can have food from all over the world from the comfort of your couch!

    14. You expose yourself to all sorts of diseases and potential food poisoning when you go on a vacation IRL.

    When you stay at home you probably won't get sick, but if you do you're already laying on your couch watching Netflix. Hooray!

    15. A real vacation inevitably has to end, forcing you to go back to your normal boring life until you can afford to go on vacation again... which could be a while.

    But a Netflix vacation never has to end!