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    Posted on Jul 8, 2014

    These Clocks Made Out Of Old Records Will Add Some Geek Flair To Your Wall

    It's time to be amazed.

    Etsy user Corey Vaspasiano makes cool geeky clocks out of cut-up records.

    In an email to BuzzFeed, he explained how he started making them around 8 months ago as a way to make use of some of the unplayable vinyl in his record collection.

    Corey Vaspasiano / Via

    His first few were well-received and he started to make more (and take requests!)

    After he thinks of a design, Vaspasiano makes a hand cut stencil before tracing it onto the record and cutting it with a rotary hand tool and metal file.

    Corey Vaspasiano / Via

    He can complete a clock in a day.

    The labels on all the clocks are stickers, but Vaspasiano said he tries to make them relevant to the subject, but he'll also use someone's favorite album if it's a request.

    Corey Vaspasiano / Via

    Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?

    Vaspasiano said his favorite clock so far is this Dr. Who clock, which is fittingly adorned with the label of The Who's album Face Dances.

    Corey Vaspasiano / Via

    "Plus," he added, "Whovians are the nicest fandom I've come across."

    He tends to make his clocks out of things he's a fan of, but he's not picky.

    Corey Vaspasiano / Via

    The subjects range from Pokémon...

    Corey Vaspasiano / Via musicians... Bill Murray.

    You can check out (and buy) more of these awesome clocks at Vaspasiano's Etsy store.

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