16 Fictional Characters Who Totally Won The Ice Bucket Challenge

    Game over. Please, game over.

    1. Frozen's Anna has, naturally, accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, and she crushed it!

    2. Wow, great follow-through with this challenge, Han. Could be the best one yet!

    3. Nice! With a little help from Mr. Freeze, the police just completed a bonkers Ice Bucket Challenge!

    4. Bulbasaur's Ice Bucket Challenge is a must-see thanks to a cameo by Hitmonchan!

    5. Stop everything. This is the best Ice Bucket Challenge yet.

    6. A 1,000-year-long Ice Bucket Challenge? Now that's impressive.

    7. This is — excuse the pun — a super Ice Bucket Challenge! Thanks for the assist, Superman!

    8. Woah that's cold!

    9. Look. At. That. Bod. A+ Ice Bucket Challenge right here.

    10. This is the one to beat. Arnold is super serious about this.

    11. Ooo...maybe this wasn't a great idea.

    12. Okay looks like we're back on track. This is an awesome Ice Bucket Challenge!

    13. OMG you have to see this one. Forget the other ones — this is the best one yet!

    14. YES. HE. CAN.

    15. Okay, I know we just said that T-1000 had the best one, but for real, Jack hands down won the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    16. Umm...he probably should've just written a check.

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