16 Fictional Characters Who Totally Won The Ice Bucket Challenge

Game over. Please, game over.

1. Frozen’s Anna has, naturally, accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, and she crushed it!

Disney / Via reddit.com

Anna nominates Han Solo.

2. Wow, great follow-through with this challenge, Han. Could be the best one yet!

Lucasfilm / Via starwars.wikia.com

Before he froze, Han nominated the Gotham City police force.

3. Nice! With a little help from Mr. Freeze, the police just completed a bonkers Ice Bucket Challenge!

Warner Bros. / Via imgur.com

They nominate Bulbasaur.

4. Bulbasaur’s Ice Bucket Challenge is a must-see thanks to a cameo by Hitmonchan!

Nintendo / Via youtube.com

Bulbasaur challenges The Shining’s Jack Torrance.

5. Stop everything. This is the best Ice Bucket Challenge yet.

Peregrine Productions / Via libblog.osgoode.yorku.ca

Jack in turn challenges Fry from Futurama.

6. A 1,000-year-long Ice Bucket Challenge? Now that’s impressive.

20th Century Fox Television

Fry extends the challenge to Wonder Woman.

7. This is — excuse the pun — a super Ice Bucket Challenge! Thanks for the assist, Superman!

DC Comics / Via alwaysaround.net

Wonder Woman nominates Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. Will they accept?

8. Woah that’s cold!

Cartoon Network Studios / Via adventuregifswithjake.tumblr.com

They pass on the challenge to a caveman from Scooby Doo!

9. Look. At. That. Bod. A+ Ice Bucket Challenge right here.

Hanna-Barbera Productions / Via beyonddefeat.com

Arnold from The Magic School Bus is next up.

10. This is the one to beat. Arnold is super serious about this.

Nelvana Limited / Via not-dishwasher-safe.tumblr.com

Arnold put The Wicked Witch of the West on the spot.

11. Ooo…maybe this wasn’t a great idea.


She was still able to nominate a waterbender from Avatar.

12. Okay looks like we’re back on track. This is an awesome Ice Bucket Challenge!

Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via bucultureshock.com

Scorpion can handle Mortal Kombat, but can he handle the Ice Bucket Challenge?

13. OMG you have to see this one. Forget the other ones — this is the best one yet!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Can the T-1000 from Terminator 2 top this one?

14. YES. HE. CAN.

Carolco Pictures / Via americanaftermath.net

He challenged the Titanic.

15. Okay, I know we just said that T-1000 had the best one, but for real, Jack hands down won the Ice Bucket Challenge.

20th Century Fox / Via twohartzbloggers.tumblr.com

Such dedication, but can Viserys Targaryen top him?

16. Umm…he probably should’ve just written a check.

HBO / Via tvfanatic.com

But seriously, please consider donating if you haven’t yet.

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