Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Action Hero?

Save the day with this incredibly realistic simulator!

1. An evil mastermind has kidnapped the president’s daughter and is threatening to blow up the whole city too!

thinkstock / James Grebey

2. It’s up to YOU to save the day!

  1. The president has called you into the Oval Office for a meeting, and no one knows where his daughter is being held. What are you going to do?
    1. Look out the window
    2. Punch the president
    3. Punch the secret service agent
    1. Take a seat
    2. Shake the president’s hand
    3. thinkstock /

4. You caught the double agent and he told you where to find the president’s daughter! You need to hurry over there!


Your car zooms by the White House as you leave.

  1. You drove to the abandoned building the evil mastermind is using as a base. How will you infiltrate it?
    1. These ventilation shafts
    2. The roof
    3. The windows
    1. Over here
    2. Here
    3. thinkstock
      The front door

6. You made it into the building — BUT WAIT! What’s that ticking noise!


*gasp* A bomb!

  1. Quick! Which wire do you cut to diffuse the bomb?
    1. The red wire
    2. The green wire
    3. The blue wire
    1. The yellow wire
    2. The grey wire
    3. The orange wire

8. You stopped the bomb from going off, but you still need to save the president’s daughter and defeat the evil mastermind once and for all!


You’ve got the drop on him, but oh no —

  1. Stop! He's taken the president's daughter hostage, but this is your only chance! You have to take the shot!
    1. thinkstock

10. You saved the day!

11. If you made any mistakes along the way feel free to try again. Action Heroes love sequels!

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