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    12 Bizarre Christmas Traditions From Around The World

    It's not Christmas without giant cats, super-strong babies, and KFC.

    1. In Colombia, it's baby Jesus who delivers the presents.

    2. It's a tradition in Estonia to relax in the sauna on Christmas Eve.

    3. Icelandic legend tells of a giant cat that will eat anyone who doesn't receive new clothes at Christmas.

    4. Spiderwebs are commonly used as Christmas decorations in the Ukraine.

    5. In the city of Caracas, Venezuela, people often rollerskate to church on Christmas morning.

    6. In Poland, the Christmas meal can't be started until the first star has been seen in the night sky.

    7. Christmas was banned in Cuba from 1969-1998, so citizens wouldn't be distracted from the sugar harvest.

    8. A spoonful of pudding is thrown at the ceiling in Slovakia. The more pudding that sticks, the bigger the next year's crops will be.

    9. There are 13 "Yule Lads" in Iceland who deliver presents at Christmas.

    10. In Catalonia, decorated logs are fed sweets through December, then beaten on Christmas Eve to "release" them.

    11. Sinterklaas comes to good German children on December 6th, to leave presents in their shoes.

    12. And KFC is a popular meal in Japan on Christmas day, with buckets of chicken being reserved months in advance.