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    36 Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Are So Bad, They're Actually Pretty Amazing

    I didn't know we actually wore ugly Christmas sweaters, but all I know is I want one, now.

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite ugly Christmas sweaters. Here are some of the most heartwarming responses:

    1. "Christmas sweater overalls... (sweateralls?) accented with a velvet bow."

    2. This eager reader decided to become one with her Christmas tree, and now we want to know: Who wore it better?

    3. "Got lots of sincere compliments on this, but I think it’s so ridiculous and the cats are freaking creepy!"

    4. When in doubt, serve an ugly sweater three different ways (in style, of course).

    5. "Made it myself. Got lots of compliments on it."

    6. Cute couple sweaters for the win!

    7. "We were having an ugly sweater contest at the office I worked in. My coworker and I sewed 2 Llama-kkah sweaters together, added a few decorations, and spent the entire day stuck together."

    8. "I wanted a picture with all of my cats in a sweater, while wearing a cat sweater."

    9. "I live in Florida so of course I have an ugly manatee sweater."

    10. "I used Christmas tree skirts to make Christmas skirts and capes for the ultimate party outfit."

    11. "Not so much ugly as cute, but every time we were apart during the party people kept complimenting my husband's sweater. They didn't realize that without me next to him, he was literally wearing just a deer butt."

    12. "We even got our cats in on the fun."

    13. When in doubt, serve us a gingerbread man like this reader:

    14. Or keep up the caroling with Rudolph on your sweater:

    15. "Ugly sweater outfit winner!"

    16. "My boyfriend and I made these. We used hot glue."

    17. "The only way I could get my husband to wear a sweater was to make one out of a sweatshirt. This is how they turned out."

    18. "This was the first time ever making an ugly Christmas sweater and it turned out better than I expected! Added the Christmas tree earrings to make it more fun and tacky. It was a big hit at my work Christmas party and can’t wait to wear it again for another ugly Christmas sweater party."

    19. "She won first place (candy canes) and I won second!"

    20. "This bad boy won me my company’s Ugly Christmas Sweater contest!"

    21. "Homemade ugly Christmas sweaters are the best!"

    22. "My husband and I. Oh, everything pictured is thrifted by yours truly."

    23. This reader gave us a bit of dinosaur with Christmas, and we're not mad at it.

    24. "Christmas, cats, space. What more could you need in a sweater?"

    25. We think this is a Christmas tree or a villain...whatever it is, we love it!

    26. "I’m a Dachshund owner, so of course my ugly sweater reflects my doxie love!"

    27. "Forget the ugly Christmas sweater. I was going to a holiday drag show so I made an ugly Christmas skirt. Semi pictured: the giant gold bow I put on the back. It was necessary!"

    28. "My boyfriend and I went to an ugly Christmas sweater party. We didn’t win the prize, but I still thought we had some good sweaters."

    29. "Spreading that Christmas cheer!"

    30. "Husband loved his Jingle ball...I mean...Jingle bell sweater!"

    31. "This is my Nutcracker-themed ugly sweater vest. I had a good variety of nuts and crackers on there, lol!"

    32. "This was me today for my job’s holiday party! I got a lot of compliments (yes, those are kittens wearing Santa hats!)"

    33. "The slippers though."

    34. "Bought this from a fellow Swiftie and I think it’s the best decision I’ve made all year."

    35. "My office has an ugly sweater competition every year, so I made my own Christmas tree sweater. My boss made me stand by the fireplace and she put presents at my feet. I won the competition, and a half day off work!"

    36. And always remember, for ugly sweaters, MORE IS MORE!

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    The submissions used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.