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    Jeffree Star And Shane Dawson Just Announced Their New Makeup Collection And You Have To See It To Believe It

    I...hope everyone is prepared for what is about to ensue.

    You the world of beauty, there is a war currently on the way. A war for makeup lovers to get Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star's long-awaited makeup collection. Let the record show they had been hinting at this collaboration since last December!

    Star took to Twitter yesterday to post images of the colors in their Conspiracy collection, which took about a year to make and left the girls WAITING for what felt like decades.

    The #Conspiracy Collection πŸ‘ Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better person on the planet to collab with πŸ’― Thank you @shanedawson for giving this project your entire heart and soul! 🐷 #ShanexJeffree And thank you @AndrewSiwicki for being there every step of the way.

    As to be expected, Twitter lost their mind over the official announcement, the images, the YouTube video, just everything, honey! And when I say they (the collective) lost it, I mean it.

    I mean, whether you like makeup or not, this packaging is pretty sick:

    This user gave us the info we need β€” aka, how much all of this is about to set us back:

    Clearly this will be the makeup version of The Hunger Games, and blood may be shed (JK, I hope):


    People even got involved in the cast and crew, because EVERYONE MATTERS:

    The baddest bitch of them all #ShanexJeffree

    Welp, pay the mastermind behind the palette more (says Twitter):

    The whole time watching the #ShanexJeffree just thinking someone needs to give this queen a raise

    This user actually focused on the music and the grand finale:

    Me screaming the lyrics to Prom Queen while balling my eyes out during the end of the #ShanexJeffree finale:

    This user is now hairless:

    Guys i have actual tears omg he actually did it! 😭😭❀❀ it's so beautiful, omg he did it! I'm so proud of him, he snatched all my hairs! I'm hairless! #ShanexJeffree

    This person...felt the spirit, IDK:


    Clearly, Twitter is getting their coins together for the big day:

    Well, most of Twitter is. Others are working on it:

    Me right now, making my list, and trying to figure out how much money Ima need friday πŸ€£πŸ’΅ #ShanexJeffree

    Preparing for the rapture (a live example of what people plan to do):

    me on friday at 1pm trying to buy a conspiracy palette before it sells out #ShanexJeffree

    Apparently we're selling souls for the palette β€” I didn't know, I'm just the messenger:

    So who’s selling their eternal soul to the illuminati for the #ShanexJeffree collab?? πŸ™ƒ

    And others are making magic happen with a palette and an empty bank account, but honestly, I believe in y'all:

    Me looking at my empty bank account when I realise how much I want the mini controversy palette #shanexjeffree

    The true heros in all of this are all the factory workers, and Twitter wants to thank them for their service:

    I see people shouting out @shanedawson and @JeffreeStar and his colleagues for all their hard work but can we get some noise for all the factory workers putting together the millions of pallets and packaging them?I hope they're paid well. #ShanexJeffree

    Whew, well, is anyone grabbing the palette? What do you think of the colors and the hype?