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These Movies Are Not For Kids

Parental guidance isn't enough! There are far too many movies aimed towards children with content too mature for them.

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Growing up watching all those classic Disney movies or ones based on children's books, you wouldn't really think twice at some of the things they say and do. But if you go watch some now, you'll notice moments not suitable for younger audiences. You don't want a five year old asking you about smoking, drinking, cursing and violence. You can have "the talk" with them in seven years. Sure, you can call them innocent, fun movies but we all know their dark secrets.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) Kidnapping

The man is named Child Catcher... you don't need any further proof. Well, there's even mention of murdering two children. This will terrify children for days, especially in today's society.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) Genocide

Although not very successful, there are Nazis looking for children. They barge into a house with guns drawn. This is a horrible moment in a movie meant for kids. Imagine how many victims of the Holocaust watched this film only to have horrific images come flooding back. Animated fish don't make up for it.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) Intense Scenes

Willy Wonka is an insane human being. He forces the Oompa Loompa's to do his bidding, he lures children to his death factory with candy and then does nothing when they're floating down the chocolate river. Don't forget about the nightmares you'll have after the tunnel scene.

Madeline (1998) Language

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(You'll have to skip to 32:30) Kids today overhear rude language all the time. It's nothing new but why include it in a movie when other words could have easily been used. The man has a potty mouth and should not say such things. Definitely not what you want to hear when you start a film. Plus clowns are scary and the kids get tied up.

Shrek (2001) Innuendo

Shrek: [observing a giant building] "That must be Lord Farquaad's castle... Do you think he's maybe compensating for something?" Yea, the kids won't get it but in there's a chance one will. Besides, why is the man shirtless and drinking a martini in bed with silky bedsheets? Very creepy.

The Incredibles (2004) Suicide

Remember when Mr. Incredible saved a guy from falling? Yeah...he didn't want to be saved, he wanted to kill himself. When his suicide went unsuccessful, he turned around and sued the hero. Kids, if you save someone they won't be grateful.

A Cat in Paris (2010) Guns

Cats are fun, until they're threatened by guys with guns. They even shot at it and other people. That's not cool. Kids have cried watching this movie, they get scared. Even if the cat wasn't in the movie it'd still be too violent for children.

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