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SNL Products Worth Buying

In honor of Saturday Night Live's 40th anniversary this month, here's a list of products everyone should purchase once in their lives. Sure, they may be fictional items on a sketch comedy show, but you might be surprised.

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6. Three-Legged Jeans

Functional? No. Fashionable? Yes. Have you ever wanted to just have a leg up on the fashion industry? Look no further than three-legged jeans. It's guaranteed to make everything you do look 3x cooler. Jump on trampolines or perform skateboard tricks, whatever you're doing will pique everybody's interest. People might laugh, but who cares? Your pants don't look dumb at all.

5. Mom Jeans

In staying with the theme, Mom Jeans continue to take your legs to stylish new heights. These hip hugging jeans means you're a mom and proud of it. Running errands, taking care of the kids or just hanging out with other moms in the neighborhood calls for a relaxing pair of Mom Jeans. Let everyone know how proud you are to be a mother.

4. Old Glory Insurance

Robots are a dangerous foe nowadays. They fuel on prescription pills and become utterly unstoppable. That's why, if you or a loved one become victims of rampaging robots, you'll be covered. Old Glory Insurance is proud to keep up with modern times and even goes on to employ an actor from Law & Order. This commercial may be old but robots live forever, make sure you're covered.

3. Litter Critters

Face it, kids. Playing with all your old toys can get boring pretty quickly. Even trying to have fun with your cat sucks sometimes. Luckily, there's Litter Critter! Take whatever waste your kitten produces and mold into endless hours of entertainment. It's just like Play-Doh but never runs out. Shape cat poop into all kinds of animals, vehicles and shapes and let your imagination run wild.

2. Schmitt's Gay

Alcohol just isn't the same without a few friends. Cracking open a bottle of Schmitt's Gay brings the party you. Your pools will be filled with muscular men playing volleyball. There will be rock hard abs and tanned toned bods for all to see. Some may call it beer goggles but drinking Schmitt's Gay creates a fantasy experience.

1. Colon Blow

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if you love having to take a massive dump at around 10 o' clock in the morning, you'll want to start your day with a bowl of Colon Blow. Those doubting it's just a phony breakfast cereal will be surprised to see it's actually a product. It's high in fiber and based on the commercial, it's actually really high in fiber.

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