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Is There A Reason To Use First Names In Commercials?

There are millions of commercials on the airwaves these days. Some are clever but others just make me cringe. Especially the ones that use only a single name in its whole dialogue.

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You see them all the time on TV and hear them occasionally on the radio. But no matter where you go, they're always there. Commercials. Sure, they're annoying and there's far too many of them. But there's a certain trope that occurs in so many. It just makes me roll my eyes every time I hear it.

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That's just one example. He name drops at the very end! If there's a back and forth between two people and they both use names, that's fine. But, only one name in the entire commercial is useless. It's supposed to show familiarity and get viewers engaged with whatever is being advertised. But, it's not going to work if nobody can relate.

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In fact, I doubt anyone relates at all to these commercials. There may be plenty of people with the same name in similar situations but is it really going to have an impact. Especially, since they just blurt it out of nowhere. Like, why even go through the trouble of picking the right name for that "character"? The ladies above greet each other nicely but is it necessary to call each other by their names? It's a giant speedbump for a company trying to sell you something.

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I guess I'm more upset with the fact they have to force something relate-able instead of keeping it general to appeal to more than one group of people. There are plenty of other terms or names that can be used and still make the same impact. The point of using the name Chuck in the commercial above is to show a condescending tone. She could have said "buddy" with the same enunciation. Stick to general terms and it won't look as stupid.

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