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Celebrate Waffle Day

Let go of whatever you're doing and celebrate with a glass of syrup and a forkful of waffle.

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They're actually pretty old, dating back to the Medieval period. They looked very different than what we're familiar with today. Back then everything was ornate and detailed. There were flowers and star patterns instead of our familiar squares. Since then, its popularity has spread. Belgians, French, Scandinavians, and Americans love this stuff.

There's no wrong way to enjoy a waffle. You can add syrup, powdered sugar, strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream and even ice cream as your toppings. Add a side of chicken if you want. Watching the syrup slowly fill every flavor pocket is very satisfying to watch and even better to eat. Whether you want to hack at it with a fork and knife or just bare hand it, waffles will still taste great.

Waffles don't have to just be a morning food. They're even excellent late at night. If you happen to be in the mood just find any open Waffle House, IHOP, or diner.

Heck, why not have some for desert? Ice cream in a waffle cone still means you're having waffle.

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