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18 Facts About The Winter Olympics That'll Completely Blow Your Damn Mind

The youngest competitor in Winter Olympics history was 11 years old.

1. The Biathlon is the only Winter Olympic event the US has not medaled in

2. Curling is one of the oldest team sports

3. 10,004 people were paid to watch the Olympics in 1924

4. Not having enough snow and having too much snow have both been a problem in the Winter Olympics

5. Norway has more Winter Olympic gold medals than any other country

6. Figure Skating and Hockey were originally a part of the Summer Games

7. Horses and dogs were once a part of the Winter Games

8. Eddie Eagan is the only person to win a gold medal in the Winter and Summer Olympics in different events

9. Two separate US men’s hockey teams arrived at the 1948 Olympics

10. The granite used for curling stones is very rare

11. The PyeongChang Winter Olympics cost $10 billion and is still not the most expensive Winter Olympics

12. The 2014 Winter Olympics was the first year women were allowed to participate in ski jump

13. Fake snow was used in the Olympics for the first time in 1980

14. The youngest competitor in Winter Olympics history was 11 years old

15. The oldest competitor in Winter Olympics history was 58 years old

16. The nation of Kazakhstan will pay big bucks if you win a gold medal

17. Only 36 countries (out of 195 countries in the world) have won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics

18. And the Olympic Village has provided athletes with condoms since the 1988 Games

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