Are You Afraid Of Outer Space? Well, Now You Are

    You have astrophobia and most likely some nyctophobia, too.

    Are you afraid of outer space?

    Afraid of how small your existence in the universe really is?

    Terrified of how the universe is a sea of endless space?

    Drifting on with no end in sight...

    ...until you reach even bigger and scarier things, like a black hole.

    Are you afraid of the uncertainty of what exists beyond what humans have explored?

    Are you afraid of the dark?

    And if you go far enough the sun isn't even there...

    ...but if you get too close you'll literally disintegrate and die.

    Are you afraid of heights?

    Does this make you feel uneasy?

    Can you handle being entirely alone?

    But who knows, because maybe you aren't alone up there.

    Well, I need to tell you something... have astrophobia.

    Astrophobia is the fear of celestial objects or others surrounding it.

    You may have some nyctophobia, too...

    ...which is the fear of the dark.

    And maybe even some spacephobia...

    ...the fear of space exploration.

    Now imagine you've mustered up the courage to go into space, but something goes wrong and you get separated from the rest of your team.

    You'd drift...

    ...and drift...

    ...until the end of time.

    Sweet dreams!