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22 Silver Fox Actors: Are They Hotter Today Or In Their Heyday?

Older. Wiser. Zaddy-er.

You know how wine and cheese get better with age? Well, for a lot of actors, the same is true.

But with wine, cheese, and even actors, it's all a matter of taste. So I need to know if you prefer these leading men as silver foxes or if you were more into them when they were young stallions.

And before we get started, it should be noted that all of these men are attractive no matter their age, and this is all in good fun! :) Here we go!

1. First up, here's Pierce Brosnan in his silver fox era:

On the red carpet

And now here he is as babyface Brosnan:

Smiling and showing chest hair

Now side by side for good measure:

2. What about Andy Garcia? Here he is now:

On the red carpet

And here is as a fresh-faced star:

In a bow tie

Now side by side, just to be sure:

3. Wowie wow. Here's Idris Elba in silver fox mode:

In a suit

And yow, yow, yow! Here he is all young and shit:

In a sleeveless top

Last looks!

4. Up next is THEE Anderson Cooper. (Not an actor, but it felt wrong to me not to have him on the list.) Here he is now:

On the red carpet

And here he is back then (still pretty silver, TBH):

Smiling in a suit, no tie

Now side by side:

5. OK, the time has come for Antonio Banderas. First, as a lil' silver zaddy:

In a leather jacket

Second, as a young lil' baddie:

Smiling at the podium

Third, together:

6. A silver-haired Colin Firth has entered the arena:

On the red carpet in a bow tie

As has his younger counterpart, Young Firth:

In a suit, no tie

Who will win?

7. I hate to do this to you, I really do, but Oscar Isaac is next. Here he is giving daddy vibes:

On the red carpet in a turtleneck

And here he is looking like a lil' baby coffee shop poet:

In a sweater and jacket

What about side by side?

8. We must continue on. Look at Jeff Goldblum now:

On the red carpet

And look at Jeff Goldblum then:

On the red carpet

All together now:

9. I'll be honest, this one feels mean, but here's George Clooney all silvered up:

On the red carpet in a suit and tie

And here he is somehow REALLY working this leather jacket. Like...wut??

In jeans and a vest

And now all the handsomeness side by side:

10. Alright, moving right along to Daniel Dae Kim. *Hot & sweaty emoji* Here he is serving "daddy realness":

On the red carpet

And here he is serving "I will carry Lost on my two perfect cheekbones":

On the red carpet in a short-sleeved T-shirt

Now take them both in:

11. It's Ted Danson's turn. Let's see him now:

On the red carpet in a suit and tie

And let's see him then:

In jeans and a jeans top, touching grass

You know the drill:

12. We gotta talk about John Slattery. Take him in as a pure-white fox:

On the red carpet

Now take him in as a black-and-white babe:

Black-and-white photo of him with dark hair

Really think about this, now!