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"Mad Men" Made Its Viewers Very Sad On Mother's Day

"And here I thought I was all cried out on Mother's Day. THANKS WEINER!" WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the May 10 episode, "The Milk and Honey Route."

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The episode aired on May 10, 2015, which was Mother's Day, and this was not lost on viewers.

Okay this is fairy sadistic to air on Mother's Day, mad men.


Mad Men got a little too dark with that episode being on Mother's Day

Seriously though, a Betty cancer episode on Mother's Day.

Mad Men just made the grimmest Mother's Day Special of all time

Mad Men with a VERY SPECIAL Mother's Day episode. My god.


Mother's Day must be a real hoot at Matthew Weiner's house. Jesus.

Some thought it might've been a coincidence.

Was this Betty episode falling on Mother's Day just a major coincidence or did Weiner plan it the whole time? #madmen

Did Matt Weiner designate this episode for Mother's Day? Quite heart wrenching for Sally to have to read that letter from Betty. #MadMen

Damn Matt Weiner did you plan to put this on Mother's Day ? #MadMen


Did Matt Weiner realize this #MadMen episode was running on Mother's Day?

Either way, it was a lot for viewers to handle.

Tonight’s very special Mother’s Day Mad Men should have had a trigger warning. Jesus.

The Mother's Day airing of that episode of Mad Men seems ill timed. #imnotcryingyourecrying #MadMen

Also, I realize Betty's not a real person, but it's Mother's Day- I already have all the feelings. Thanks a lot, Mad Men.


Like the audacity of airing this episode of Mad Men ON MOTHER'S DAY and my mom was a heavy smoker for much of my life and FEELS

And here I thought I was all cried out on Mother’s Day. THANKS WEINER! #MadMen

Some thought it was cruel...

Too cruel to give Betty terminal cancer on #MadMen on a Mother's Day episode.

Matthew Weiner is positively cruel for introducing this Betty storyline on Mother's Day. #MadMen


...and for others, it hit way too close to home.

For everyone of us whose mom died of cancer to do this on Mother's Day - #BadMove #Weiner #MadMen

Really, they did not need the reminder.

of all the days mad men could've done this they did it on mother's day fuk u weiner

Matthew Weiner gave Betty terminal cancer on Mother's Day because he is a troll and a garbagebaby. #MadMen

Mad Men's series finale airs Sunday, May 17, at 10 p.m. ET/9 CT on AMC.