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15 Things You Need To Remember To Do Before You Leave The Country

As told by a series of stock photo moms.

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3. "You'll be sorry if you don't check your airline's carryon restrictions before you leave!"

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"Most airlines in America let you take a 22 inch suitcase, but in Europe the restrictions mean you might want to get a 20 inch suitcase. Don't come crying to me if they slap on a $60 surcharge."

4. "Download some of those podcast things before you leave, while you're still at home!"

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"Aunt Lynn has a friend whose daughter listened to podcasts about history or tours? I'll ask her."

"I asked Aunt Lynn - write this down: "Stuff You Missed In History Class" has some very good lectures, and "Rick Steves' Europe" has FREE audio tours. Did you write those down?"

7. "I want a copy of your itinerary. If you're not going to make one by hand, do one on the google."

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"Deborah told me there was a google called TripIt? Just send them all of your confirmations and it will make an itinerary for you. Do it so I can sleep."

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