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    • jaeb2

      super geil (pronounced zoo-per-guy-uhl) means great/terrific/awesome in German. In the commercial, he’s saying the word super (zoo-per) and then another word after it depending on what’s going on. Starting at 0:13, he says “Super süß, super sexy, super easy, super geil!” which means “super sweet, super sexy, super easy, super cool”. He’s listing what’s awesome about the situation and the people are using something that they got at the supermarket (why everything starts with super). When the people are in bed at 0:21, he says “super Leute, super lieb, super love, super geil” which means “super people, super nice, super love, awesome”. Dancing in the supermarket aisles, he says “es ist super geil super geil, richtig, super geil super geil, ich bin super geil super geil, du bist super geil” which means “it is awesome awesome, correct/okay, awesome awesome, i am awesome awesome, you are awesome”. (And that’s what you can do after studying German in school for 6 years: translate supermarket commercials.)

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