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    17 Culturally Diverse Decks Of Playing Cards That Will Blow Your Mind

    Bored with the same old white Kings & Queens? Mix it up with these beautifully diverse decks of cards.

    The Decks Are Stacked... With White People

    We talk about representation in film and TV — but what about a standard deck of cards? Playing cards originated in China, then spread to India, Persia, and Egypt. But what we think of as a standard deck goes back to England and France in the 15th–17th centuries. And, like most depictions of royalty during that time, the standard Kings, Queens, and Jacks in a deck of cards were all Anglo people.

    In fact, decks that represent other cultures are hard to come by and can range from the exploitative to the problematic to the downright racist.

    So, here are 17 decks of cards that make cultural diversity look goooooood!

    1. Kings Of India by Humble Raja

    2. Borderline by Traina Design

    3. Soul Cards by Soul-Mar

    4. Russian Folk Art by Natalia Silva

    5. Malam by Expert Playing Card Company

    6. El Al Playing Cards

    7. Lost Wax Cards by Olutade Abidoye

    8. Muertos by Steve Minty

    9. Maya by V.M. Sveshnikov

    10. Bicycle Hawaiian Playing Cards

    11. Pre-Columbian by Heraclio Fournier

    12. Divine Art by Guru Playing Card Company

    13. Card Tricks from Hit The Deck Enterprises

    14. Black Pack by Heraclio Fournier

    15. Maori Cards

    16. Boutros Arabic Playing Cards

    17. HANA by Steve Minty

    Have you found any other decks of playing cards that represent different cultures? Let us know in the comments!