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What It's Like To Be A Sorority President

As told by Jennifer Lawrence.

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1. How you imagined accepting the presidency would be:

2. When in reality it should be more like this:

3. Every Chapter meeting is a guessing game:

4. When your Chapter turns on you thinking you're the problem:

5. When you open your email inbox it feels like this:

6. How you react to people when they think they have your life together:

7. Asking the president before you for advice goes something like this:

8. After you comeback from your training with (inter)nationals:

9. How you feel when you get an email about your (inter)nationals coming to visit:

10. What you want to do after every exec meeting, chapter meeting, or really any meeting:

11. When there is an off the wall standards violation:

12. When someone finally has something positive to say during a chapter meeting:

13. How you feel when people talk during announcements in chapter:

14. How you feel when people talk when a guest speaker comes to chapter:

15. No one invites you to anything anymore:

16. Everyone starts introducing you as "President" and you completely lose your identity:

17. Trying to assert your authority like:

18. Thinking about the end of your presidency:

19. When the Chapter starts winning things during your presidency:

20. When your Chapter starts failing at things during your presidency:

21. Every time you have to speak during recruitment:

22. Having to be unbiased on how you feel with every chapter member:

23. Knowing every secret in the Chapter but never being able to talk about it:

24. When your officers don't tell you anything until the last minute:

25. Most days go like this:

26. Anytime Panhellenic asks you to do anything:

27. Making eye contact with any of the trouble members in your Chapter:

28. Meeting with other presidents like:

29. When something goes wrong and you don't want the Chapter to find out:

30. But after it is all said and done, this is the greatest job that you never want to do again:

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