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The Moist Mattress - One Couple's Journey Into The Underbelly Of The Adirondacks

What was to be a joyous occasion of celebration turned into a night feeling like a roach. One couple may never be the same because of it.

JackiBrad1994 • One month ago

What It's Like To Be A Sorority President

As told by Jennifer Lawrence.

JackiBrad1994 • 3 years ago

What It's Like Being Your Daughter

From the perspective of your daughters: Hannah and Jacquelyn

JackiBrad1994 • 4 years ago

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Majoring In BuzzFeed

We all go to college to find the job of our dreams and the major that fits that dream.

JackiBrad1994 • 4 years ago

19 GIFs That Describe What It's Like To Live In Alpha Gam Cate

I didn't choose the Catertot life, the Catertot life chose me.

JackiBrad1994 • 4 years ago