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    • JackConner

      Funny how places can be beautiful or not, especially when it’s skewed across socio-economic boundaries. That is, when you have money, a social life and can afford to avoid certain areas of town (or be confined or consigned to them), life IS beautiful. It’s like American’s who visit the best parts of India, or parts of South America or anywhere… With pockets full of cash and a vacation agenda, yeah, of course it’s beautiful. Same thing with living “the beautiful life” from NY, to LA to Miami to wherever… Circles of friends and the chronically single who refuse to age or grow up and it’s like one big party… phuck it. Facebook these days is the biggest pusher of it all… with highlights of the high life of everyone who posts and seldom to little of the mundane or reality of Monday’s, rainy days and the other stuff in between. Florida is like anywhere else… visiting, partying and leaving is different than living there, working there and being stuck there.

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