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22 Photos That Prove Florida Is Paradise

Think Florida is just another state in our nation? Think again. To learn about all the things that make Florida special, click here.

1. Planet Earth has been blessed with many beautiful locations, and Florida is certainly one of them.

2. One of the best things Florida has going for it is its proximity to this:

3. Where you can do this:

4. Or this:

5. A little of this:

6. And definitely some of this:

7. (But that will probably just turn into this):

8. And once you've satisfied your instinct for sport, you can relax by doing this:

9. This:

10. Or this:

11. If you happen to get a second wind, there's the option of soaking up the sun with this guy:

Maybe something about swimming with this guy?

12. Or maybe you'd rather hit the skies with these guys?

13. But it's totally cool if you just wanna lay low with this bro, too:

14. Whatever you do, you'll have to set aside some time to collect seashells:

15. And your search might be interrupted by a brief rainstorm, which then would give way to one of these:

16. Then one of these will happen:

17. And the trees will get ready to party, which means ...

18. ... you and your friends can, too!

19. You'll cap off the night with some fireworks ...

20. ... and then you'll wake up the next morning ...

21. ... to dip your toes into a brand-new day!

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