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Let's See If You And Your Best Friend Would Survive The Movie "Fall"

Test your survival skills...and your friendship.

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Attention: thrill-seekers everywhere, the new action-thriller Fall is now showing in theaters. If you haven't had a chance to check out the trailer for the new film, take a look:

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⚠️Warning⚠️ If you don't like heights, rollercoasters, or even a tall flight of certainly aren't gonna like this.

For those who haven't seen Fall yet: the movie follows two best friends Becky and Hunter as they embark on a skin-crawlingly terrifying climb up an abandoned 2,000-foot-tall TV tower.

Of course, things start to go horribly wrong almost immediately, because, well, it's an abandoned, rusty, 2,000-foot-tall TV tower. After some mishaps with faulty screws and broken ladders, Becky and Hunter soon find themselves in a fight for survival as they try to find a way back down.

They have no cell service, and soon they'll be out of food and water — but at least they have each other, right? Right?! Anyway, if you think you and your best friend would be able to stay alive during this terrifying ordeal, let's test it. Without further ado: a quiz to see if you and your bestie would survive Fall, the movie!

Don't worry, we didn't include any major spoilers.

If you haven't seen Fall yet — it's in theaters now! Grab your bestie and click here to get your tickets.