The Trailer For "Fall" Looks Absolutely Wild, But I'm Here For It

    Seriously, I'm dizzy just looking at the poster.

    So the trailer for Fall just dropped, and my heart is PALPITATING. I will never be climbing anything ever again. Not even a staircase.

    A girl screams at the top of a 2000 ft tower

    Sorry. Let me back up. So the main character of this movie is Becky (Grace Caroline Currey), a rock climber and all around badass.

    Grace Caroline Currey in "Fall"

    Her husband, Dan (Mason Gooding), a fellow climber, dies in a tragic accident while climbing with Becky, leaving her traumatized.

    Becky's dad, James (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), supports her through the grief, but is hopeful that she will pull herself out of her grief and start living again.

    A year after Dan's death, Becky's bestie Hunter (Virginia Gardner) convinces her to confront her fears and team up with her on an ambitious new climb.

    An abandoned TV tower. 2,000 feet high. Don't mind the sound of my knees clattering under my desk.

    So they start climbing. And they're doing OK.

    A girl climbing a ladder looks down and smiles

    Despite some ominous creaking and THIS SHOT OF A LOOSE BOLT! ABORT!!!!!

    A loose bolt on a rusty ladder

    Contrary to my warning, they keep going. SMH.

    Two girls climb a seemingly endless ladder amidst a desert and mountainous landscape

    Somehow they reach the top!! Great! Everybody lived happily ever after.

    A girl reaches her arm down from a small platform to help another girl up

    Just kidding. Another loose bolt pops out (I TRIED TO TELL Y'ALL), and Becky gets thrown off the ladder and FALLS TO HER DEATH????

    Wait!!! Oh, phew...her harness is still connected, and Hunter is able to grab the pole and catch her just in time. Like, literally just barely. I paused here to take several deep breaths.

    Becky's safe, but she's lost her pack. They only have 50 feet of rope. No ladder. No water. No phone signal. How are they gonna get down!?!?

    Two girls look down from the top of a narrow platform on a 2000 ft tower

    It probably gets worse from there, but I can't be sure because I watched the rest of the trailer through my fingers.

    A girl's mascara running as she cries

    And don't get me started on Hunter UNCLIPPING HERSELF AND JUMPING FOR THE BACKPACK!!!

    A blonde girl jumps from a satellite dish to a backpack hanging by a rope

    Fall will be in theaters on August 12. I need to lie down until then.

    One girl holds the rope while another scales down a 2000 ft tower.

    If you're up for it, you can watch the full trailer here:

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    Not even the sweet voice of Madison Beer can calm my nerves.

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