19 Celebrities Who Are Secretly Gamers

    Celebs...they're just like us! And by "us," I mean gamers.

    Not everyone who's played a video game identifies as "a gamer," but these celebrities definitely do! If you're a certified gamer yourself, here are some celebrities who probably want to game with you.

    1. Brie Larson

    Brie Larson looks off-screen, determined.

    2. Matthew Perry

    Matthew Perry sitting in a suit, glaring off-camera

    3. Rosario Dawson

    Rosario Dawson stares off-camera in a door jamb.

    4. Will Arnett

    Closeup of Will Arnett

    5. Samuel L. Jackson

    Samuel L. Jackson in sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a purple shirt.

    6. Henry Cavill

    Henry Cavill in a grey, pinstripe suit, talks to a woman who faces away from the camera.

    7. Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig in a black trench coat looks off-screen.

    8. Mila Kunis

    Mila Kunis in a hawaiian shirt talks to someone off-camera.

    9. Serena Williams

    Serena Williams on the tennis court, holding a racquet and a ball.

    10. Megan Fox

    Megan Fox in a black dress stands opposite a bedframe.

    11. Zac Efron

    Zac Efron in a red jacket looking up/off-camera.

    12. Naomi Osaka

    Naomi Osaka with a tennis racquet in hand.

    13. Jamie Lee Curtis

    Jamie Lee Curtis in a red suit in front of the decorative wheel of knives from Knives Out.

    14. Michael Fassbender

    Michael Fassbender in a gray shirt looking pensive, and staring off-camera.

    15. Jack Black

    Jack Black with a guitar strap and bowtie.

    16. Drake

    Drake holding a microphone and wearing a leather jacket.

    17. Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian in a black velvet dress talks straight to the camera.

    18. Vin Diesel

    Vin Diesel in a white tank top and a silver necklace looks off-camera.

    19. Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba leans against a wall and talks to someone off-screen.

    Turns out, there are a lot more celebrity gamers out there than I think any of us thought! But, if you're like me and asking yourself, "Hey, why aren't there any movies out there about gaming for these celebs to star in?" you're in luck! The latest comedy from BuzzFeed Studios, 1UP is all about gamers and the world of esports!

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