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    • jacethomasv

      I guess, if they want to end up dead. Go protest in LGBT issues in a country run by a former KGB assassin with ties to the Russian mafia, who is estimated to have siphoned billions off the Russian oil/mineral economy, imprisons his critics regularly, and rumored to have had a few of the more outspoken journalists assassinated or have mysteriously been killed in accidents or radio-active poisoning. And also widely believed in Poland to have been responsible for the 2010 crash of the Polish President and 95 or so of their political and military elite… Never mind he has basically installed himself as President for life. i.e. Dictator Russia is not the US and people going there to protest the policies of Putin would do well to update their wills and powers of attorney, not make any long term plans or look forward to using the return portion of their round-trip ticket.

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